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Heavy Wall Fabrication

Heavy Wall Reactors

Dacro has the capability and experience to complete the final assembly of large, heavy wall reactors or exchangers in our shop or at the Owner’s site.


The components, forged rings, heads, tubesheets (as required) are mechanically designed and fabricated in the shop of a primary world recognized supplier, then shipped to Dacro for the final assembly prior to shipment to site. This process allows the Owner to consider a reactor or exchanger of increased size and thickness, thus optimizing their revamp or expansion.


One of Dacro’s most challenging projects has been the fabrication of Chrome-molybdenum vanadium enhanced heavy wall reactors.


Heavy Wall Rolled Plate Pressure Vessels

Heavy Wall fabrication is not strictly limited to forged ring reactors. Dacro has also fabricated many other heavy wall pressure vessels made of rolled plate, whether it is carbon, clad, low or high alloy materials.