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Large Diameter and Large Structural Fabrication

With two fabrication shops having under bridge clearances of 40′, Dacro has the capability to handle oversize vessels limited only by the transportation constraints between our facility and their respective destinations. Using overhead cranes, rail systems and jacking equipment allows us to move up to 1000 tons. In addition to the significant handling requirements, we have specialized welding equipment that allows us to maintain high quality without losing fabrication efficiencies. In addition to significant under bridge clearance, our Assembly 3 is equipped with an 18′ wide by 150′ long recessed floor that we call “The Pit”. The Pit allows the turn rolls to be placed below floor grade level (6′ below), which provides for improved access under the crane hook.


Some major projects have a need for very large heavy structural equipment. Very few shops have the hook height and lifting capability to manage some of the sections. Dacro has the capability and therefore is often approached to fabricate equipment accordingly or assist the major field fabricators with sections for final field assembly.