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Unique Capabilities

We are pleased to have this opportunity to present our Company and explain some unique capabilities we are able to offer our Clients. With the heavy demands of business activities, we recognize that it is not necessarily practical or possible for many of our Clients to visit our facilities in Edmonton and witness firsthand Dacro’s distinguished manufacturing expertise. Therefore it is our intention to present ourselves to you in such a way that you will feel like you have been on a shop tour through a world class facility.

We are located in Alberta and have been an integral part of the pressure vessel fabrication industry since 1974. We have established ourselves as a recognized leader in the custom fabrication and design of large, complex pressure equipment. Our ability to manufacture these pressure vessels requires widespread experience including unique design capabilities, materials knowledge, welding engineering, intelligent fabrication sequences, materials handling, change management, scheduling logistics and quality assurance.

Through a strong commitment to continuous upgrading of facilities, and investment in new technologies and people, Dacro rises to the challenge with a “world class” facility with very unique capabilities.