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Specialized Welding Technology and Training

Research and Development

As part of Dacro’s commitment to be an industry leader, we established our own welding lab for Research & Development, which includes welding certification, new welding procedure development, new welding technologies and welder training.



Research and Development is conducted in the lab, followed by extensive training, then onto the shop floor. Welder training is critical to the type of work performed at Dacro. As such we have a very strong focus on training and commitment to the Apprenticeship Program.


Orbital Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

This is an automated (computer operated) tube welding process for use in tight quarters, providing superior quality and improved productivity.


Strip Weld Overlay

Strip Weld Overlay provides an efficient, economical and quality alternative to clad plate. We use both wire and strip overlay in submerged arc and electroslag processes. Strip materials in 30 mm to 120 mm widths can be utilized.